ZORIN 17.1 Core/MACBOOK PRO 2011 - Secundary Monitor LG FLATRON W1952TQ - NO IMAGE

Hello! Greetings, everyone!

I recently installed Zorin 17.1 Core on a MacBook Pro 2011.

I have an LG FLATRON W1952TQ monitor that I'd like to use as a second screen. I connected it using a DVI adapter plugged into the MacBook's mini displayport. After connecting everything, the LG monitor stays in standby mode (indicated by an amber light instead of the usual blue). It seems to recognize the connection, but not the signal.

Zorin detects a monitor in the display settings. Sometimes it shows up as "Link Tech Inc. 15" only, and other times it correctly identifies the LG monitor.

However, I'm experiencing a problem where there's no display on the secondary monitor. The screen remains black, and the monitor stays in standby mode with the amber light on.

If anyone can offer assistance or advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

PS - Video Card: Intel® HD Graphics 3000 (SNB GT2)