Zorin 17.1 Pro - Most apps don't recognize theme switch

When the Zorin Appearance app changes the theme background between light/dark (manually or scheduled), only some elements (bar, windows framing, inside of the Settings window, Zotero, FreeTube) recognize that change. Most other apps (e.g. Firefox, Files, Thunderbird, Signal, KeePassXC, Software and others) DO NOT change the theme.
They will change the theme after manually running a command in the terminal:

 gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface color-scheme 'prefer-light'   # or 'prefer-dark'

But that will not affect the bar, Settings window, etc.

Any tips?

Hi, and welcome!

Try to reset the theme to the default: Zorin Appearance -> Themes -> Other; click on "Reset to defaults". After that, try to make some more changes and see if it works now.

For Firefox and KeePassXC in particular, you need to use a theme that follows the system preferences as well:

  • KeePassXC -> View -> Theme -> Automatic.
  • Firefox -> Tools -> Add-ons And Themes; enable " System theme — auto".

I did as you said and then rebooted the laptop, and the results are... partial. Files respond to the theme change right now, but Firefox, KeePassXC, and Thunderbird do not.
Interestingly, FreeTube does respond, but Eyedropper (a colour picker) does not. Both are installed via Flatpack.

Is there a chance that using the Gnome Tweaks tool messed something up? I use version GNOME Shell 43.9 (zorin mode).

How do you "reset" all the desktop settings (nuke'em) without deleting /home/user data? I am not that attached to the settings I have...

Flatpak will not respect system themes and system light/dark. You probably have several Flatpaks.

You can try using the flatseal application to assign permissions to Flatpak apps to permit system access to themes.

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