Zorin 17.1 Ubuntu version?

received notification of the Zorin 17.1 release;
Downloaded/installed updates.
As Zorin OS 17 is/was based on Ubuntu 22.04
(I do not understand the "LTS" references, Zorin OS 17 PRO is installed)

Question: Is Zorin 17.1 still based on Ubuntu 22.04?
OR, is Zorin 17.1 based on "Ubuntu 23.xx"?
(which may indicate further Zorin 17.x updates, as Ubuntu advances?)

AFAIK, significant improvements from 17 vs. 17.1 is additional/more advanced support for Microsoft products (aka "wine"); for this user, less interesting as the primary goal is to eliminate/preclude all Microsoft apps/programs... fwiw

Yes, it is. All distributions derived from Ubuntu are based on their Long Term Support release. LTS means that the project will continue to receive updates for 5 years since it's release, which means that Ubuntu 22.04 (and consequently ZorinOS 17) will receive updates until 2027.

ZorinOS 17.1 is a minor or point releases update. It's pretty much what is sounds like, minor updates here. A major release would be ZorinOS 18, 19... which will use different underlying technologies and Ubuntu versions as their base.

The confusion with 23.10 comes from this particular line in the announcement:

Zorin OS 17.1 is now powered by the same version of the Linux kernel and graphics stack as in the latest Ubuntu 23.10

This only means that the version of the Linux kernel has been updated to use the same one as Ubuntu 23.10 does, but the rest of the system repositories and software versions remain consistent with Ubuntu 22.04.


Yes, it is still on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Base.

LTS means Long Term Support. So, it gets Support for Years. STS Version's have only a short Support Time. Ubuntu 23.xx (23.04 and 23.10) are STS Versions.

The next LTS Ubuntu Version will be the 24.04 Version and should come in April. but Zorin will stay on Ubuntu 22.04 till Zorin 18 comes. Point Releases Z17.1, .2 etc. are only for Improvements for the current Main Version - in this Case Zorin 17.