Zorin 17 Core - experiences

A couple days ago I installing Zorin 17 Core.
After some new updates for me this is not usable, i don't know where is problem.
It starting working after update like a turtle all opening or anything is lack or not response.
Any ideas what it could be?
Installed only Discord not playing in game for this old PC.

What are your system specs?

But before updates working great.
I installed 16 Pro Lite but I cannot can find where to check a checksum. Maybe it exist inside .ISO
Working without problem with version 16.3
I will also changing a ssd after some using freeze desktop.
I want know if it is hardware or operating issue.
After changed a hard disk for hdd - yes no ssd mobile hard disk 1TB
It working without a problem and very fast and faster from 16.3
For me it working better from macos a computers.
The developers 100% need a support.