Zorin 17 Core giving "Linpus Lite Boot Failed" error

Hi, I am trying to install Zorin on a Tuxedo Infinity pro. I am currently running mint, just went back from mx linux and wanted to try Zorin. I have tried multiple sticks, multiple machines and keep getting this message Linpus lite boot failed. The BIOS is from "insyde"

I am curious what was specifically
"reset" in the bios settings?
Thanks for any help.

This is most likely caused by Secure Boot being enabled in your BIOS settings, along with UEFI/GPT. Disable secure boot, then reformat the USB stick and burn a fresh copy of the Zorin .iso and boot it up and install. It should then work normally.

Thank you so much for the quick response. I checked and secure boot is disabled. I am attaching a photo. Under UEFI I didn't see anything that said GPT.

Thanks, I have installed Zorin on my desktop pc, and wanted to put Zorin on my daily driver (notebook).

That's ok, it will not always specifically say it.
If Secure Boot is not enabled, I would proceed with the rest - redownload the .iso and burn, boot and install. There may have been a corruption in the original download.

Hi, I went ahead and tried that. Didn't work. I am thinking about going back into the bios and trying to find some sort of reset to default settings. My other thought is to download the lite version and see if that loads.

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I downloaded zorin 16.3 lite and was able to use the live cd function without problem. Same usb stick, same usb port. However when I try a stick with the core version, same error message.

Did You use the same Program to create the Boot Stick?

yes, balena etcher with both the 16.3 lite and the 17 core

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Hmm ... When the Stick with Zorin Lite works ... You could try it with Core again but first download it again, look that the checksum is correct and then use again Etcher to put it on the Stick. Maybe there was something wrong in the first Round.

Hi, I just downloaded it again, and checked the checksum with the method on the help page. The checksum matches. I have tried downloading and reflashing different usb sticks about 3 times the last two days. I am running out of ideas, especially since the lite version will load.
Any other thoughts?

This is a good idea- have you tried it, yet?

no, I was out of town all day and haven't had time. I went to tuxedo's web site and got directions for a bios update thinking that might be needed If i make a mistake with returning to the default settings.... I am trying to find a block of time this weekend.
I also am not understanding why my notebook can read the lite version, but not the core version with the same bios?

I see you have used Balena Etcher to create your boot USB's.
Maybe try another tool (e.g. Unetbootin, Rufus), just to see if any different result.
Balena has a chequred performance history here on the forum.

I appreciate the idea, but I don't think that's it. I have used etcher quite a bit the last couple years, when I see a new distro that I want to try. Never had a problem.
What I can't understand is why the bios can't it fails to boot with core, and not lite. Same bios (which makes me hesitant to go through updating it), just different os's.
I was also checking out elementary and had not problems. Same bios, same type of stick, same port.

You could try it with a BIOS Update. But becareful.

I second @zabadabadoo's suggestion.

The "Linpus Lite" message suggests that it is the USB stick that is causing the error, not the Motherboard.

Maybe you should try to completely wipe Your Stick. If you have the Posibility to use Windows you could make it there. It is a bit easier. I do that too.

I tried another stick, using Linux Mint's format program, then Mint's Image writer program. Same issue. It is perplexing. I don't have a windows machine in my house, all Linux.

Could You ask a Friend or Neighbor if you can use there a PC?

managed to install the new version. I am writing from it now. The test drive begins! Thanks for the support.

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