Zorin 17 in 2022

time to make Zorin switch to Pipewire for Zorin 17 then

I saw special distribution for Audio AV Linux. Want to trying near Zorin. Anyone have some experience with that distribution?
Pipewire something like here?

AV Linux and Ubuntu Studio are both excellent choices for music and visual arts. And they both have just had new releases. AV Linux is now based on Debian + MX. Ubuntu Studio just updated the 20.04 LTS version, along with all the 'buntu distros.

It really comes down to which operating system you prefer. I like Ubuntu Studio, it just feels familiar. I could never quite warm up to MX Linux. I'll probably stay on U.S. 20.04 for the foreseeable future, considering the ongoing assault by Gnome upon operating system sanity. After that, who knows? I'll figure something out.

I liked how explain here what type users can using Zorin in chapter 4.


Will Zorin OS in the future release a version like kali linux(digital forensics and penetration testing version)?

I think this is unlikely, as Zorin OS concentrates on a Niche Group - Those looking to move to Linux from Windows.
Digital Forensics doesn't really fit into that category - and Kali already exists to fill that niche.


I consider that quite unlikely, though, Kali's documentation has instructions for setting up a chroot if you don't also need their slightly modified drivers

It will be implementation app android in Zorin 17 could installing app from android>?
Yes but i remember last version 5.13 you can installing app on desktop without some emulators or i missing something?

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You can install an Android emulator currently, like Anbox or some others.

Waydroid is far from stability and Anbox doesn't use Hardware acceleration so it's really slow, so probably not, No


Unless they copy it, just make little tweaks so it's not exactly the same..

a important thing to improve in Zorin 17. Battery life in laptop devices.


I saw somewhere on github some script what is diffrent software to battery live is longer what is here.

Zorin is not like all another clones linux distribution. How many another distributions are diffrent a couple POP OS, Endevaour,Gentoo. Here is some article where Zorin is on third place in 2022

Interesting no linux distributions from distrowatch top ten.

I wondering if Zorin 17 could be exist only on .deb package what we know are most stable packages.
Zorin OS is a multi-functional operating system designed specifically for Windows and macOS users who want to have easy and smooth access to Linux. It is based on Ubuntu, and uses a customized version of Gnome and the Avant Window Navigator which they call the 'Zorin Desktop'.

I'd say it's quite okay when using something like TPL or AutoCpuFreq :slight_smile:

I wondering it depends what battery and hardware have some laptops also how many things background working to eating battery very fast. Chromebook for office and school is great also tablets.
I remember laptops when coming on marked have mostly bussiness users not for gaming. Gaming laptops coming later. I know the technology going forward and shrink.

windows works better with battery

Zorin 17 with guide how to installing Linux From Scratch. I could buying some version pdf if on future could be that posibble.

Not really on my side My laptop gets the less amount of life on its battery with M$…. The difference isn’t leaps and bounds but it is significant. And I run at the performance level .

Another myth that floats around the water dispenser and M$ sites….

A lot depends on hardware