Zorin 17 in 2022


Would you mind sharing a link to the original article?

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wow, I read in that article that linux mint wants to do a change of look-and-feel. It will never be good-looking like zorin i think

I don't think Mint would change the UI very much in their next Linux Mint 21 but I find them very capable. They could make it look a lot better. Considering all the limitations that GNOME brings, Cinnamon is definitely more capable of customisation. The reason they are not changing the look is because they also want their OS to be transitional for Windows users and their OS to look more traditional like Windows 7 and 10.

As Gnome slashes GTK4, Linux Mint and other Distros may be left with little choice but to change the UI. The removals of UI classes that GTK4 brings means that key elements will not work.

Open Blender or GIMP or Photoshop or Inkscape... Open Libreoffice or Synaptic. Pretty much open any truly utilitarian WorkBench and you will see...

A toolbar

The toolbar is an essential work access tool, and most developers, designers and engineers are 100% well aware of this. A person simply cannot efficiently use tools like Blender without having quick, easy access to their tools. To have the tools hidden away makes a project take several times longer, as the user must hunt down their tools. You may think that a user will eventually learn their location.
No... not really. The toolbar enables you to see your tools at a glance and using Blender in this example... There are a LOT of tools! You will memorize basic location... But not the exact location of the tools. Most importantly, why break what works? Why remove the toolbar? Even if you could justify the notion that most users would adapt (which you really cannot), why make them do it?

GTK4 removed the toolbar. And the Menubar. And the steppers. Completely - as in... you cannot use them, at all.
Gnome moves on the Full-on belief that all applications must resemble Mobile. And they promote this by claiming that this is a "modern" trend. There is nothing modern about it - it is a step backwards, in fact. And it hurts the user.
And again we ask - Why?
As any abuser in a relationship knows, if you want control without building trust, the key is to Make the Other person Dependent instead of allowing them to be Independent.

This trend that Gnome is forcing onto all desktops means all users are bled of their alternatives and limited to the UI that Gnome dictates (Not to mention how Gnome4+ LibAdwaita locks in customization and appearance, as well. This, too, locks all distros in.)

Mint, XFCE and all other developers that are Not-Gnome have been painted into a corner by Gnome as Gnome seeks to undercut all others in order to drive them out and assert Gnome as the Dominant (and only) Linux Desktop.
Their only alternative will be to stick with GTK3.24 and use no later version to which Gnome need only point the finger at them after sabotaging them and use words like.
and the like to disparage them. These words do not even apply - it is merely an illusion presented by Gnome in order to Gain Control...

... And the Users are falling for it... hook, line and sinker.
And the users absolutely will complain about the other distros saying "But their packages are old," "But their stuff is Not Up To date..."
It's a complete fallacy, but as we can see on this very forum already the users will definitely do this. They have faith that a bigger number = good, no matter what.

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Gnome want control UI linux market and want be like in a game "monopoly"? Wondering who paying behind that when Gnome taken over control all this function DE interface design. The advertisement cost many money on websides.


I am waiting for new version Zorin pure xfce to support brothers Zorin. Gived people two ways gnome or xfce. Good choice. What you thinking about that idea? Will buying new adventure and experience with new version Zorin with something new to discovered how good that distribution.

It will be very nice if Zorin next version will be something like that.

Zorin 17 when it comes?


Gnome and their woke brigade must be abandoned as soon as possible, at all costs.

Considering my vast ignorance about how things work in Linux I have a question. I have installed Cinnamon on both my machines that have Zorin on them and also on my Pop Os machine. And I really like the way it works and how easy it is to set it up the way I want it. My question is does Cinnamon in any way depend on Gnome for it's functions. In other words will Cinnamon still work if Zorin stopped using Gnome?

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As asked, this is a Two Part question.
The first answer is: Cinnamon will still work as it includes all the packages it needs. It does not depend on Gnome on Zorin OS.
I use Zorin OS Lite - and install Cinnamon on it. In fact, I prefer Cinnamon on Lite over Core.

The second part is the Development Side:
In which Cinnamon is dependent on GTK development. In this regard, Cinnamon Desktop depends on Gnomes developments and stages of development. Changes made in the GTK (Toolkit) will affect Cinnamon Desktop.
To this end: Removals from the GTK (toolkit) as of such we have seen in GTK4, have had a very heavy impact on Cinnamon.
In future, Cinnamon must choose one of the following

  • do away with a large number of features that many of us enjoy...
  • Stick with using GTK3 only, which is fine except that users will not fully understand this and only see "GTK3 is older then GTK4 and is therefor evil and must be abolished" but allowing it to retain those features and tools.
  • Port GTK to create a new toolkit that sports development but also includes all that Gnome has removed.

It is unknown what direction will be taken for many different Desktop Developers at this time. Doubtless, Mate, LXDE and others are really just looking at hitting the buffers.


Thanks for your reply. So like so many other things in life we will just have to wait and see what develops. I am slowly learning how things work in Linux thanks to your and others help on this forum.

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in my opinion, before zorin os 17 release. maybe version 16.1/16.2/16.3/16.4 or 16.x. first released like the previous version.

They wasn't paying system.

What you wish to seeing or better working in Zorin 17 Pro?

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Simple answer: Audio! :face_with_head_bandage: