Zorin 17 on Overnight Wake from Sleep Mode CPUs Slammed

Recent Upgrade to Zorin 17 Pro from 16 Pro
System: Gateway NV57H77U
Celeron N2830 Dual Core
4 MB RAM, Intel SSD


On wake from overnight sleep the two CPUs are clocked 100% each for 3-4 minutes, rendering the machine unavailable for use.

Restarting the computer clears the problem every time, and it becomes available within 30-40 seconds, dropping CPU usage to 6-7%.

The following are the two processes that hijack the CPUs on overnight wake:

  1. gnome-software
  2. packagekitd

Note: gnome-software never prompts to update; could it be it times-out after 4 minutes due to a repository conflict?

Asides from my most concerning problems with the waking up problem (which I found here Zorin OS 17 desktop crashing when wake - #16 by edu-cr, I also experience more seldomly but quite strongly this problem as well... the fan goes ballistic!