Zorin 17 requirements and future

Yanny or laurel? White and Gold or Blue and Black?


I saw fedora 38 spin cinnamon enviroment desktop working on gnome 43.
It will be good desktop in Zorin 17 with store Zorin.
Propably some spin Zorin ISO.
It gived people choice out from mint to the Zorin.

@Bourne , you seem to have lost your composure out of fear. I suggest you take a break from the internet for a bit.

Yes. Propably you are right.

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Zorin OS 17 will be based on Ubuntu's 22.04 LTS base - so whatever kernel Ubuntu 22.04 is has will be what Zorin OS 17 will have.

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Zorin typically goes to a higher kernel version than what the Ubuntu LTS it is based on does. I would expect Zorin to select whatever the latest LTS Kernel is which will probably be 6.1.

It is a balancing act between choosing a kernel that is high enough to support newer hardware but also not so new that it contains too many troublesome regressions or new bugs.


It is impossible checking any kernel version, working with any hardware components on old or new hardware.
The problem is technology computers faster changing.
Writing new script or open source drivers taken a time.
Besides we know the big market corporation have closed non open-free drivers for greedy them operating system and hardware what working with big a companies.
Everything have a better design "package" - waiting only when Xorg will died and Wayland will be on first place.

Zorin 17 will be most cosmetics or something what another distributions don't have?

Zorin OS will be easiest and nicest to use, that is their Target through and through i think.

So both nicest and helpful apps like windows app alternative suggestion, wine setup, etc

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Zorin yes it is great people who starting with linux.
I am learning here many things also many things from people on this forum.
That is awesome.

Zorin 17 must have and gived something else what is better from another distributions.
The king is one!
I wondering how it is linux buying best "jackers and programming in linux world"?. If everything exist on linux and websides servers then politics searching the best save the world! Send police when you used keyboard? 5 fives and second 6 bacyard liker backdoor, Check and don't believe agent MI8 xD

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