Zorin 17 requirements and future

I am wondering on live installation Zorin Pro 16.2
The installation need minimum 10GB RAM?
Here is neofetch screenshoot

What led you to this conclusion?

Because, I have put pendrive with Zorin 16.2 Pro on PC.
I working on installation, besides 16.2 have support to 2025

Then new version Zorin 17 will be have more hardware resources with AI?
I am just curious which way Zorin want going?

Very unlikely, with all these AI concerns.


Well. I never know what brothers Zorin gived us or in future what will be. I respect them for hard work. I saw today, they have in store what i using, but difficult installation, when i have on one hard disk Linux and want installing Zorin on second manually. I watching guide, but after new technology, review,guide and installation isn't changed? I have two option automatic, or manual. The installation isn't for people who used before windows and want trying Zorin. I am missing my cell or something with installation?

AI is like a virus. Nobody asking if you want or not. MIcrosoft and Google put this any application without your permission.
IA I feeling like this thing stealing my life and dreams and selling information to the corporation.

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Are you having a nightmare? Why do you think Zorin OS would do so?

I talking on AI not about ZorinOS.
How i feeling with that.

So why did you make these speculations against Zorin OS?

Artificial Intelligence is just a tool, like a hammer or the keyboard you use to type to write here. How you use it (and how it was created in the first place) is another story.

Personally I'm all in for new technological advancements, if only because the alternative is stagnation or regression. Which is not to say that we shouldn't care about the consequences of the technology we develop and use.
In the future, I hope I can count with a local instance of things like ChatGPT and other popular AI systems running directly on my hardware*. There are already projects that aim to do that like LocalAI.

*To be clear, I mean using AI like I use any other program today that runs exclusively on my system and have full control over, like GIMP or LibreOffice. I would personally only enable it exclusively when I want to use it and shut it down afterwards. I would restrict internet access unless I explicitly need to update something, etc.

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I saw on github and another place they exist in linux world.

I saw the Debian 12 will be on kernel 6.1
What i know the ZorinOS is based on debian and ubuntu.
That means the kernel will be newer in new version Zorin to 6.1?

Why don't you answer questions from others before you ask new ones?

Yes, they do. And it is a source of endless frustration. They also disallow disabling it. And for good reason: AI has no ethical subroutines.

Agreed. In its current state, GPT is a novelty for entertainment value far more than it is a reliable tool.
However, GPT displays answers that seem correct with such confidence, that many people are dangerously duped into thinking that it is capable and reliable.
It most certainly is not.
A member of this forum recently landed here on the board seeking help after they took advice from chatGPT on trying to solve an issue. And backtracking what went wrong is not so easy since ChatGPT will generate different answers each time you run the same query.

This is a very shiny pearl of wisdom.

Currently, there is no indication that Zorin OS will include any AI in it.
That said, I find the prospect highly unlikely as ZorinGroup gears toward Stability and Reliability heavily.


I am more afraid of people arguing about AI on an emotional level than AI itself.


Regarding hardware resources needed for Z17. If past trends can be relied on, Zorin Bros try and keep new version install size and hardware requirements not much greater than the current version. That way few users are impacted by the OS outgrowing the hardware that was previously adequate.

We can change subject topic IA cons and pros.
IA for me is like a children with 8 years. They have a good science-fiction imagine with things. Don't understable many things. Can create answear or things what never exist when you asked something.
I saw IA is on skype,edge,search browser bling, propably it will be everywhere. With that all information will be difficult to this "things" - know what is good or bad. This is could be two sides a face that IA help people, and harmfull for people.

Yes. I would suggest a new Thread be started for this.

Yes I remember that, and I've seen other cases where "help" from chatGPT backfired... It's sad that people don't really know how to take a word of cautions by none other than the creators of the tool themselves!

I find it most effective when it's used for tasks that I already know how to do but that I find too time consuming, or need inspiration to write something differently.

People already argue over things like football... this is not even in my list of things to worry about :smiley:

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