Zorin 17 Strange Behaviour / Bugs?

Three weeks ago, I did a clean install of Zorin 17 on a PC that had been running 16.3. 16.3 was rock solid and I had very few issues. I’m loving 17 but I’ve had a couple of strange things happen and was wondering if anyone else had seen these issues.

• Gnome Settings disappeared from the main “Zorin” panel (bottom left of task bar). I had to re-install Gnome settings via the “Software” utility. Since then, it has been fine.

• Remmina came pre-installed with Zorin OS Core. When I set up a remote desktop connection I noticed (as per the info about Zorin 17) that RDP was now the default protocol which was great as I connect mostly to Windows PCs. This week, when I went to set up a new connection, the RDP option was not there in Remmina. I had to installed the RDP plug-in via Synaptic package manager to the option back. Since then, it has been fine.

• The installed version of Wine (version 8.x) gives lots of issues and there is not option to update it to version 9.0. When I installed Wine 9.0 directly it gave much better performance but the Wine Config tool was not installed and I can’t seem to get it to install from anywhere. Not a deal breaker but would be nice to have.

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