Zorin 17 UPDATE Notifications

I don't seem to be getting my Update Notifications on the desktop.
If go and manually look for them they are there but no Notifications that I have UPDATES ready to install?
Is this the new way Zorin 17 works or should I be looking for a problem?

Do You mean Updates in the Gnome Software Center or from the Software Updater? In Case of Gnome Software Center I can confirm that I don't get a Message. I see it when I open it.

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I don't have that issue. Have you got the Software Updater set to Main Server instead of your country server? If not that might be the issue. It is one of the first things I recommend in the unofficial manual to change to Main Server.

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Yes Software Center and Software Updater both not showing updates available until I open and go into them so see if there are updates available.
I am using the CORE version with some extensions like Dash to Dock and the Desktop Icons add on.
Maybe something to do with that.

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With the Gnome Extensions ... I would say No. On Gnome Software Center I had that too. Maybe the Gnome 45 Software Center wants that so.

On the Software Updater I got Notifications. It appeared on the Screen and showed me that are Updates available. How are Your Settings for the Updater? Unfortunately I can't show You A Screenshot of mine because my System was crashed and is broken.

In Words I can say I had chosen the Main Server and that it shows me Updates directly when they are available. Sometimes it takes a bit Time till it is shown but it did it. Do You maybe have it on automatic Installation?

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