Zorin 17 Upgrade freezes system 60-90 sec after boot on MacBook Air mid 2011

I installed Zorin Pro 16 on a MacBook Air mid 2011 as dual book and it was working great out of the box. I upgraded to Pro 17 and now it freezes shortly after boot.

I am ripping it out and reinstalling 16. Has anbody else had the same issue?

Might have been something with the upgrade. I'd try doing a full install of 17 first... if it works, great. If not, then do a full install of 16, since you know that works.

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Yeah, same here; except mine was a fresh install. ZorinOS 16.3 works perfectly.

I found that the installation will work if you choose not to connect to WiFi - but following a successful installation, if you enable WiFi and connect to a network, the OS completely freezes and the only way to back out is to power off the machine. So there must be something up with the bundled driver? Although enabling the proprietary driver in the software updater doesn't appear to work either.

I've reinstalled 16.3, no issues on that version.