Zorin 17 Upgrade permission issues

I upgraded from 16 to 17 and now my Dropbox won't work. I uninstalled and installed again but get the same error message:
Couldn't start Dropbox. This may be a temporary error. Please restart Dropbox.

The error log file is here:

It mentions something about permission denied so I made sure the folders involved were RWX but that didn't help.

Similarly with Transmission, I'm not able to download torrents, I get:
Couldn't get [path to torrent]. Permission denied (13).

I also set folder permission to RWX here but the issue persists.

Both were working fine before the upgrade.

Any ideas?

In respect of Dropbox issue, see if this helps:

In respect of Transmission issue, please checkout this askubuntu forum thread:

I am not quite sure about this but you have to double-check and ensure that all relevant folders and files for both applications have the correct permissions.

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