Zorin and connection corporation?

I reading many people talking the some linux distributions have something like that. "... I left Ubuntu, the snap horror and the persistence of signing Ubuntu Pro is giving me buttons ^^, I'm starting to feel the presence of a trading company....
Mutation to:
LMDE6 with the addition of xfce desktop which I like
nvidia-settings installed for the graphics card driver
Wine HQ (Wine 9.0)
A brave navigator
The only small problem is live X bug with my old Diablo 2 game.
Apart from that, only happiness, stability, liquidity and security."
The question is Zorin is not connected with any third companies what collect some data for selling privacy? I know it could be joke and humoristic because if you using gmail,google chrome and facebook we know they selling data. That why for me is most funny how apple don't selling privacy and paying for application what could be more secure? I don't get that. The same I don't get paying huge price for cut operating system.
The Broody youtuber sayed the new Gnome GTK5 they takedown stable package to not tested. I mean what is idea delete in newer version stable packages?
Linux for me is starting more weird like you can create something good or a monster.
So the Zorin operating system is data collect for they information for installing example Zorin on pc to count how many downloaded or installed?
ZOrin collect more information data like example Fedora writing last time?
If Zorin collect data - what kind type is it?
I know the webside Zorin isn't precise but writing to be a good product what i can sayed he is.