Zorin and e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird


Not sure this pertain to Zorin or e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird.

I have a laptop with 3 internal SSDs

  1. Win10
  2. Zorin
  3. Data

On Win10 I have setup e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird with a local folder pointing in the data drive.
This work fine. Everytime I restart the PC I can re-access my mails without issue…

in Zorin I have setup the same…e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird with the local folder pointing in the same data drive, same folder.

When I restart Zorin Mozilla Thunderbird lose everytime the path to the local folder pointing in the data drive.

Any idea?

How did you install Thunderbird?
You have not installed the Snap version that also appears on Software Store I hope. That could give you this sort of problem of accessing local disk.

being new to Linux what is “snap”…?

I have installed it through the app store…if that"s not the way it should then how should I proceed to install it?


@arkhane When you select an app from the Software Store on Zorin, you sometimes get presented with a Snap of that app. FYI, Snap is app packageing method which installs the app, complete with its dependencies, in what could be described as a sandbox. That sometimes restricts interaction.

The way to check is to scroll down to the bottom of the app’s description in the Software Store and check if it says “Snap” or from a normal apt repository.

This maybe worth a read: Is snap really insecure?

looks like a snap…it says source snap store

…but Linux start to be a real pain in the a**…why should this take hours to install an app…?

I then downloaded just right now a tar.bz2 from the official mozilla site and when I extract it says that the folder is empty…do not understand how linux can pretend to be that good when it take hours to install an app that will take less 2 minutes on Windows…


i uninstalled the snap
I downloaded the tar.bz2 from Mozilla directly and extracted the files with the contextual (right click) to get a “folder is empty”…!
I then used an another way with the terminal…could install it but…once restarted the PC: not only it did not kept the local folder (same with snap) but ALSO I no longer have my icons on the desktop…

How can we work like that…??? Didn’t knew linux was so much ■■■■

Arkhane, I understand the feeling. I think I spent the first couple of weeks using Zorin complaining non-stop.

Thunderbird is in the Ubuntu and Bionic (And Focal… For when Zorin 16 is out) repository. So all that is needed to install it is

sudo apt install thunderbird

thks…that’s what I did…this install did the same in the end…Iit does not keep the link local folder to the data drive…

I could use zorin as pure standalone but so far it does not allow itunes, depending on the app some must be installed a specific way, some others will be installed other way etc…too much burden. As a user I am looking for something convenient…so far I more than disappointed…

Well, first- Nothing must be installed in a Specific way. Where you see different installation methods- I see options. But all installation methods work.

It IS true that Canonicals Snap Packages step away from FOSS and are Far More Restrictive and for this reason; I step away from Snap.

I do not believe that the Installation is what is at fault with your Thunderbird. I never use Thunderbird, so lack experience in helping you. But perhaps I can help you find other users experiences:

What I have experienced is using Windows and using Linux. For the years I used Windows, some things were very easy (or… convenient). But when things were not easy or not convenient… troubleshooting an “operation” that “performed an illegal operation” or “error 0x0003744” was like pulling teeth. From a walrus. A grumpy walrus.
Finding help on Windows Troubleshooting was like trying to find water in the desert. Though there were plenty of lemonade stands scattered around all offering glasses of sand.

For a person to set up a New system which is different than what they are used to and is totally unfamiliar, is daunting. I think you’re doing well.

I was not expecting you to use a tar for Thunderbird. That is a bit extreme.
There are 2 Thunderbird downloads available in the Software Store if you do a Search for “Thunderbird”. Find the one that has 4 stars (not 3 stars which is Snap), and install that.

Hi Good day! I don’t have experience in Thunderbird,

I want to give you 3 hints that may help,

  • Check your Data Drive Filesystem (If it’s Fat32 There will be less to no problem)
  • Check if your Data Drive is mounted properly to the Zorin System
  • Check if the thunderbird or user has a read and write permission to the Data Drive

I cant help you with the problem because i cant generate it, I only use one Drive.

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