Zorin and Mint twins?

Hello all.
Anyone wondering how much could be Zorin the twin Mint but only with diffrent DE?
I taken some observation about installation and files and comparison about this two linux distribution.
For me they are Twins with diffrent "clothes". I mean Cinnamon vs Gnome.
I must sayed both are debian and ubuntu the same type installation, some diffrents software and GUI.
Everyone can sayed yes, but it exist many similar linux to Zorin.
Zorin never will be like a OpenSuse or FreeBSD,witch arch or another clones another distributions.
What you think so?
On yotube many people taken comparison Zorin vs Mint. Isn't that coincidence?

Just because Youtubers compare Zorin OS to Mint does not mean you have to. Others are not you, they are just others after all. If Zorin OS is great for you, then it must be true for you.

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I think the Ubuntu Base makes a lot that it seems to be similar. The Installation, the common Usage, the runnig System ...

The DE is an important Point here. I mean Cinnamon exists because Gnome goes a Way that the Cinnamon Developers not like and so they make Cinnamon.

But Mint has a special Feature that I really like: the Software Updater. It is not the normal Ubuntu One. I find that little Program cool. It it the Best that I know so far.

Zorin on the other Hand has something that is really useful for Gnome: Zorin Appearance. It is a built-in Customization Function that Gnome doesn't have. Yes, there is Gnome Tweaks but you have to install it mostly by Yourself.

Linux Mint:

  • Develops their own Desktop (Cinnamon)
  • Develops their own administration tools and more (Xapps, Mint Updater, Mintinstall...)
  • Doesn't lean into anything Windows-App-Support related
  • Ships 3 different Desktops
  • Has a Debian-Edition as an alternative to the Ubuntu-Base
  • Linux Mint updates faster between ubuntu releases
  • The teams are completely seperate (Zorin is 2 people...)
  • probably more that I can't think of right now

The reason they are similar is because for their main releases, both are based on Ubuntu, making a lot of the internal tooling the same.


I'm currently using Zorin lite(xfce) and recently tested Mint xfce version from a live usb. While they both gave similar look from the surface but OOB experince felt more beautiful in Zorin Lite than Mint xfce :slightly_smiling_face:

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