Zorin app menu by category [SOLVED]


I'm using zorin 17 pro with the following layout (mac style):

And the zorin menu at top left doesn't show the apps by category anymore, only this :

Is it possible to have the app menu by category with that layout ???


Yes, by using the default layout and customize it, like moving it up and rearrange the rest.

You could install the Gnome Extension Arcmenu. It is a good configurable Start Menu. But don't forget to turn off the Zorin Start Menu.

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I didn't want to redo the mac look layout. So I just got a nice menu from there : nwg-launchers It is call "nwggrid" and it essentially show the same menu we already have but add the possibility to filter apps by category. I have added a .desktop entry in /usr/share/application so zorin will see it in the application menu, use an icon from another zorin app that I dont use much and drop it to my bottom bar. Zorin should use this menu it is far more friendly that the actual.
Here is the look of my desktop now with the new menu icon next to the old one:

and here is the menu it shows :

I did compile it myself. It needs a few deps ... Would be nice to have it available for all as a .deb in the zorin app database.

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