"Zorin Appearance" not working (after installing 20.04 Zorin update)

Yes, I wanted to avoid creating confusion. I figured I would mention it and if the poster wants to know more, they'll ask.

EDIT IN: Also, to both OP's above, do you use a Third Party updater app other than Software & Updates or Software Updater than what comes with Zorin OS? Might help narrow down the cause. Thanks to Zaba for bringing that possibility to light.

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Hey @artesan0 , did you fixed your problem? I'm with the same error, but I don't have the paid version of Zorin.

Hey @Aravisian,

I installed the 20.04 Ubuntu update and I want to know if with this OS I'll be notified with the upcoming Zorin OS 16 update. Do you know if this is going to happen?

Are you saying that you performed the Direct-Uprade (Do-release-Upgrade)?