Zorin Appearance

I have installed Zorin Os 16.3
There is a small problem
Zorin Apearance does not work
Can't move the toolbars
all tried
How do I solve this?

I see you are running Core. Which layout did you first select after installation?
Maybe post a screenshot of it.

yes zorin os core 16.3 not pro

what do you mean
After or First?
I just did a reinstallation
with start -up stick
and stands next to Windows

this not work
one screenshot van google

You can not move the toolbars

There is no possibility

Right-click the taskbar > Taskbar Settings > Position > change it, is it this that you meant?

there is no
No work buttons
To change something?

Are you referring to the panel or Taskbar:

If Right Click is not giving you a menu or options, please open Settings and move to the Extensions tab.
Ensure that gnome-shell-extension-zorin-taskbar is enabled.

it appears to be the computer
Not suitable for Zorin Os Core
Maybe for Lite?
Extension Zorin Taskbar
The slider does not open
all tried

In the layout you are using.
Right Click on the middle empty section of the taskbar.
Do you then get a popup menu with "Taskbar Settings"?

Solved chance to lite

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If you are now on Lite edition, can you edit your forum profile and change "Core" to "Lite" please.

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