Zorin apperance

I created live usb Zorin and going to appearance.
When i tried changing to another apperance i don't seeing my taskbar.

I tried also another Zorin appearance without any changing.
How it is possible?
Windows key working.

What is wrong? Mostly live usb Zorin never have that.
I tried again restart pc and check all files was not corrupted and md5 was ok.

Ok. I go to terminal and put a command sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade then i logout and back and Zorin appearance start working.
Propably this can be issue because using a pendrive ?

Or that you needed to upgrade the drivers due to your specific hardware.

Good to know about this issue on LiveUSB.

I don't wanna be rude to put something what not working but this is distributions for beginners users.
I little learning with linux "things" but certainly i am dissapoint after 5 minutes i have many problems with some errors.
On webside it wrote "working out from the box".
I remember on my old PC I have some issue with my graphic card what we found a solution here with all your help people and many another problems.
That why i never used ubuntu only most two what you know was Zorin and Mint.
Last time was Fedora and now Mx Linux before new version Zorin coming out.
The problems are my hardware is not compatibility with version Zorin 16.3

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