Zorin asking for authentication at random times

So I've been having an issue recently where Zorin OS would ask for authentication for stupid reasons that would usually be resolved automatically I will add more screenshots as I get them.

Reboot attempt from terminal (usually doesn't require admin)

Poweroff attempt (same thing)

All requests after login after boot

More recent shutdown attempt via power option on start menu

The system specs are as follows:
AMD E1-1500 APU with Radeon (TM) graphics (2 core, 1.48GHZ)

Radeon 7310 (AMD Palm)
8GB DDR3 @543MHZ? (I am unsure and this is what Windows would say (I think)) (2x 4GB)
Samsung 500GB SSD
Zorin OS 16.3 64-bit

Do you have auto-login enabled?

Your screenshots show you as entering reboot in terminal from your User Account in Home Directory rather than in root.
To reboot, you are directing systemctl and therefor, need Root Privileges.

sudo reboot

I do not know if you did that in terminal only for the reason of providing an image of the Authentication Popup window...
Or if that is the cause of your trouble.

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I do not have auto login on

using reboot without sudo would usually comply and begin the reboot process

The only way I could see this happening would be if you previously elevated your terminal to root

sudo -i

and were running commands, then ran


As mentioned above, you are calling on a System Process and that requires root.

I do not believe that I was running root as I have a command shortcut on zorin connect to shut my laptop down and it would work no fuss

I do see the new images you have edited to add to the O.P.
Have you tried:

sudo apt install --reinstall policykit-1-gnome ca-certificates gnome-software

No but I'm gonna do so now

Did not work

I'm gonna go play Minecraft until noon (7:53AM now)

Have you recently changed any permissions using chmod or useradd?

I have not and I'm the only user on the system

Ok I have found out that there has been some behind the scenes privileges changes so how do I fix that?

It is not so easy, since permissions can be changed on a case by case basis.
These are saved by the specs of the file, not in some central list of permissions that you can check.

For me, I would backup personal data and reinstall Zorin OS.

But for those that would prefer to avoid that, they may look at:

I have never used that script, so I cannot vouch for it.

I think I'll take the first option as I've also been having troubles with installing WINE, I will make a script to reinstall most (if not all) of my apps then I'll transfer all important data onto my phone, I will need to reinstall Zorin another time as I do not have access to my live USB at the moment

You could also try to create a new user account, and use that for a while to see if you get prompted for password randomly. If not, then that narrows the problem down.

In Settings -> Users -> Add User. Note that you need to unlock the "Add User" option first by entering your password. Make sure you make this user an administrator, which simply means that it has access to sudo, unless you don't need that.

I have no idea what the problem you're having is or if this would solve it, btw, I just think it may be a quick workaround. Better to re-install when you have all of your data backed up properly, to be safe, as it's quite an odd issue.

Ok Zorin has been successfully reinstalled along with the installation of wine 8.17 and the reinstallation of all the other apps that I had as well as all important data


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