Zorin Base version

Currently running Zorin OS 17.1 Pro, which I understand is based on Ubuntu OS.
Can you tell how Zorin acts upon version updates of Ubuntu itself, currently 24.04 Noble Numbat? Do you keep up with upgrades of that version?

Zorin OS 17.1 is based upon Ubuntu 22.04 and that will it be forever :wink:
However when Zorin 18 comes out in the future it will be based upon a higher Ubuntu release.


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A Zorin Main Version - in this Case Zorin 17 - stays at the same Base. Zorin 17 on Ubuntu 22 LTS. When a new Zorin Main Version will come, then will come a newer Base. So, Ubuntu 24 LTS will come in the Future with Zorin 18.

But that is no Problem because Ubuntu 22 LTS still gets Updates.

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Zorin OS 17.1 is now powered by the same version of the Linux kernel and graphics stack as in the latest Ubuntu 23.10 .

The Zorin OS 17 version series will continue to get support with software updates and security patches until June 2027.


And I hope Zorin team will soon surprise us with Zorin 18 which is based on Ubuntu 24.04