Zorin best for gaming

Here on this conclusion he sayed Zorin is best.


Slightly off-topic but I believe there is a game called Cyberpunk 2077 - had a quick browse of an edition of LXF about a couple of weeks ago and it stated that Fedora 37 runs Cyberpunk 2077 with higher FPS than its native Windows Desktop version!

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This is good to hear, because CyberPunk is so badly optimized, even with the patched updates, that anything could help it to run better at this point. The problem with Windows is, it has far too much running processes in the background, telemetry and everything else, that it actually hurts gaming performance.

Overall, regardless of what Linux distro you choose, Linux tends to be far less heavy on computers today, even Gnome! Windows 11 requires 4GB of RAM just for the OS itself, this doesn't include your games and apps, which are likely going to force you to need at least 16GB, as that is today's standard for computing/gaming.

Comparatively speaking, Zorin OS 17 only requires 1.5GB of RAM just for the OS, which is a lot lighter load on your system. You can really see how much farther your 8GB to 16GB of RAM will take you, with a setup like Zorin, and respects resource usage. And since there is no telemetry running actively, your CPU doesn't get hit hard either.

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Wait, Cyberpunk 2077 have a Linux version?!

No, it was a quick glance. It will be using WINE, possibly Lutris.

[EDIT] Steam

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I am happy when some people trying sayed another linux distribution are better but Zorin is best for that option and taken better place in test.