Zorin Beta iso

I was on one germany webside from newspaper zde or zdf and downloaded a Zorin Beta.iso
Installing that in vm it wrote it have Some Specter v2 migration.
Now i know why my pc was very slowly.
Check always your iso and download from original websides.

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Spectre v2 mitigation - this was present in Zorin 15 - it was introduced to prevent injection of code by hackers to control the AMD CPU - with Intel, it was Meltdown, a more serious issue. Ironically, Intel never gave a solution but told owners of machines with Intel CPU's to contact the PC manufacturer for a fix! LOL! (Samsung never made one for their P530 Notebooks I might add!)

Well. I have that on newer pc on virtual machine that information when it booting.
I reading the best option in terminal is command mitigations=off
besides mitigations gived many information about operating system,user and packages.

The Beta for Zorin 16 is still on sourceforge:

Here is all versions.

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