Zorin beta program

Is there a channel or beta program of the next versions of Zorin (for example 16) to be able to test them? I would like to know what kind of programming plan there is to test the new versions of Zorin before they are available, it would be good to be able to detect errors and necessary tweaks before, sincerely I have been using Zorin for two years and the truth is that without problems so far the truth, but it is something that I do not know so far if it exists (beta) or how it is done.

Iā€™d like to do this as well. If 16 is coming out at the end of the year then hopefully the beta should be out in the next few months.

Just before Z15 was officially released, there was a Beta release. There is a thread on the old forum containing feedback on Z15Beta.
I seem to remember Z15Core was released as Beta. I assume something similar will happen for Z16.

PS: Why Z16? What happened to the 9,12,15 waltz sequence?

Because using Prime Numbers to communicate with aliens is like, soooo yesterday.

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I think (guessing!) Is that the jump of 3 tied in with the major releases of Ubuntu LTS which occurred every 2 years - as this appears to be a continuance, if Ubuntu ever made it to 30.04, Zorin would be at Zorin 60 (or thereabouts) and newcomers would comment ā€œI must have been sleeping when the previous 59 iterations came out!ā€ :rofl: