Zorin Book Club {Literature}

Hi Zorin users!
Did you read a particular book that you want to share?
So I can get some advice

Depends what you are into.
I read everything from Tech. Papers to nearly all genres of literature.

Oh, I'm talking about literature

Oh, literature yeah that should've been clarified (you may want to update the title to reflect that). Well, I'm mostly reading tech books at the moment but one that I recommend is Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind .

I'll leave my original reply here for reference in case someone is interested.

If you mean tech books, I can recommend the Debian Administrator's Handbook. You can read it online or downloaded for free, or buy it if you find it useful and want to show some appreciation. Given how things are going in corporate Linux ecosystem I think it's more important than ever to learn from a community driven distribution as well as support it.

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My latest read is "The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom" Slavomir Rawicz,an amazing story hard to put down, about a Russian prisoners escape and the long walk to freedom.

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I am a history nerd and really enjoy Sci-Fi novels.
I am a major Heinlein fan.

I just write my own books. The reason i started to be an Author is I was not 100% happy with the books I read, so I started to make my own manuscripts.


Can I read one somewhere?

I'll read this when I can and I'll report you

...I hate sci-fi...

I've read the description of this one on amazon... And I absolutely like it! I'm going to read it, asap.

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How about The Thursday Murder Club or I Know This Much is True?

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You will not regret it enjoy!

If you enjoy soviet-era history and literature, I think you will find Imperium by Ryszard Kapuściński quite interesting.

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I write only in Danish, my English isn't good enough for literature.

I will inform about them when I finish reading the long walk (sorry if I misspelled title but I read in Italian)

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Thanks! I'll read it when I can

Great movie!

I can't help but recommend All Tomorrows by C.M. Koseman. The art alone is striking enough to be stuck in my mind forever.

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That is painful to hear. :frowning: :smiley:

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