Zorin - Bottles - Steam cannot run

To run Hereos III game i need to go through Bottles.
i created game bottles and add Steam installer. When i try to run Steam it goes through actualization, but then app stop running.
Have any one went through this issue? Since Bottles automatically enables user to install steam it should work.
There is no error message so i don't know what can i do.

Thank you for any suggestions.

One thing you can try to (hopefully) see some information about what went wrong, is to run Steam from the terminal. I don't know how Bottles is or how it's supposed to work, but if it handles running Steam then you should run that instead. By having a terminal window associated to the graphical window of steam (or bottles) any error output might be visible there.

Why not install steam and use proton to run the game ? :unamused:


TY Michel, you inspire me and i look futher into this here is what is need to be done to run steam games on linux - zorin.

  1. install Steam from store
  2. login into acc
  3. Go the settings:
  4. In settings:
  5. So i enabled all option + titles are run by the last "official-stable" version of proton.

    And it works :slight_smile:


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