Zorin brightness changing automaticaly

Hello, I don't know if this is an issue or just a feature, but I don't really like it. I am running Zorin 16 Core on my laptop and when plug in the charger or plug out, the brightness changes drastically and I have to manualy change it back. How do i fix brightness to a wanted value?

On Lite it is under Settings -> Power Manager -> Display -> scroll to bottom and set Brightness reduction as you wish.
Should be something similar under Core.

Marked solution. 256

I have the same issue on Core and can't manage to solve it with the solution provided. Any help?

This "Solution" doesn't work, it's for the Lite version, not Core. Any help with Core version?

What you mention is true. I 'm using core and also couldn't find the way provided in the solution. Still strange that it's solved although the user profile mentions the use of Core.

You could try > Gnome tweaks - Topbar - set the battery percentage to show.
I believe that this will provide a slider, but still I'm not sure if this will work for a desktop because this option could only be for laptops.

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