Zorin can only boot in recovery mode

Hello! I'm new to Zorin and wanted to test it on my Surface Laptop 4. So I got it running, and now when I try to boot in Zorin when the laptop boots, it's just show some text with a bugged line down on the screen and then the screen goes black. But when it comes to recovery, it works perfectly. I don't know what's causing this and to be honest installing Zorin on my surface has been kind of a pain (I first wanted to dual-boot with Windows but now the Windows boot manager doesn't work but that's another issue. ) Thank you!
Surface Laptop 4 Specs:
8 GB of RAM
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 microsoft surface x 12 AMD (Ryzen™ 5 4680U with Radeon graphics)

The Surface notebook is also made for Windows Specifically, by Windows. You will need to use the Surface Kernel for Linux on a Surface notebook.

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I did install it because I needed to make my keyboard and touchpad work now there is just the Bluetooth and the brightness that I need to fix but I heard that I needed to sign the kernel But I couldn't find the exact way to do so, mind you I'm new to Linux I know how to use basic terminal commands that I learned at school but to too much. So I just disabled my secure boot.

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