Zorin Chromebook Alternative

Since chrome books no longer really run Linux, and there are few cheap options available, zorin should make a low-end computer running zorin OS. It could especially be marketed to schools along with zorin grid.

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I don't understand what you're trying to say, ChromeOs is based on Gentoo Linux. Although it's proprietary, there is always it's weaker brother Chromium Os which is open source.

I don't really see a point on running a web browser as your OS. If you want something really responsive, pick a lighter DE pick XFCE, LXQT, .etc.

I certainly think it's not a bad idea, a GNU/Linux distro calledUbuntu Web is doing something like you're saying. It's ChromeOs but less Googled I guess.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. Hope you have a great day/night! :sunglasses:


I run Linux on my chromebook, but it is old. It sounds like support for new OS is even worse in new chromebooks, despite ChromeOS technically being Linux.

So I suggest shipping a laptop, under $400, that runs zorin OS and is zorin-branded as an alternative to the chromebook. It will be the first affordable and usable Linux laptop. And, with Zorin Grid, it could be used in school instead of chromebooks.

Actually such thing is already in market for some years:


I don't know Zorin Team have plans selling Zorin Branded Laptops.

There are many Linux laptops from reputable brands like System 76, Tuxedo, Slimbook. System 76 also ships with their own Operating System called Pop Os.

I thought Zorin devs were still working on a ARM version.

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They are.
This Pine book comes with no OS.
You have to download OS image (I believe it is a Debian based OS) from their site and install it yourself.

@FrenchPress . OK, but OP was looking for low end PC for "zorin OS". So that ARM based machine would not qualify (yet).

If we know for sure Zorin Arm version will be coming, this Pinebook is a good candidate. Smaller screen version is $99 (unless they changed pricing lately).

I know, I ended up buying a tuxedo, but none of these brands sell cheap computers. System76 doesn’t seem to sell anything under $1K.

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You can just buy a Chromebook and flash another Distro on it. Buy a 2nd hand Computer or smthg.

One PC to avoid, according to this thread:

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You must have read my comment there.
Seller took 10 years old dead-stock or reclaimed netbook and selling it as a new product. It is a criminal act if you ask me.


Yeah, I forgot about pine book. I still think Zorin has value here:

  • It is focused on consumers and schools, not hobbyists
  • It will have the zorin grid management system
  • It is zorin branded with a zorin super key
  • It is more focused (not laptops AND watches AND boards and lots of other stuff)

This is a marketing genius:

A Zorin Super Key is a big selling point! I will pay FAT CASH to get a Zorin Super Key.

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My tuxedo computer has a Penguin super key (and I don’t think they even made the computer themselves, they use Clevo)

You could look at zorin.com/computers. They offer a 15.6" Linux laptop for about Euros 542. Supplied from Star Labs in UK. I have no idea what they label the Super key. There is also an 11" notebook. There is also an appeal to manufacturers who would like to build PCs for Zorin.

They label the Super Key as "Super." :wink:

Thanks for the reply. The AZERTY keyboard had me worried for a while, but when I looked at the Lite MkIII it had a QWERTY keyboard.

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