Zorin Color pallets

Is there a place I can find the color pallets used in Zorin appearance?

I've recently installed i3 and want to get a more cohesive look with window manager theme.
What I need is the hex numbers of the colors.

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You can dig these directly out of the Zorin OS theme which you are using in the .css file.
If you specify which theme, I can help you look.

The short of it is; look up the class you want to identify the color of, then look at its background or background-color property.

Do you mean the Accent Colors?:

You could use a Color Picker like Eyedropper. You can find it in the Gnome Software Center as a Flatpak. Or You can use The Gnome Extension ''Color Picker''. Then You can look which Hexcode the Colors have. I would like to give You the Codes directly but I have (re)installed my System freshly (Thanks to the Ghost in the Machine) and I don't have installed it not yet.

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I want to create a full theme based on each of them. That way what ever mood I'm in that day I can just comment each one out. Lol.

I didnt even think of doing that. That could help. But ideally I want to get the hexcode right from the themes. I notice that its more than just accent colors that change between the different themes.

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Another method you might use is gpick. This is an application that you can hover the mouse over a colored field and it tells you the color in HEX or RDG that is displayed. A caveat is that it shows the displayed color, so a layered color will be displayed as a singular hex color rather than the individual layers.

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For that You can use a Color Picker, too. @Aravisian named you gpick for this. I have used Eyedropper and that works too. Here a Look in the Gnome Software Center for this Program:

I already had Eyedropper installed and thats what I ended up using. I dont know why I didnt think of it. It was a lot simpliler than I had thought.
I'm using i3 with Ploybar and got the themes started for i3. I still need to work on the polybar and the neoretch configs a bit more.

This is what I have so far.

Thank you for the help!