Zorin Connect and e-mail notifications

Hello guys,

I'm using Zorin Connect.

Everything is OK, except: It doesn't display Gmail notifications.

Should it display?

For example, if I receive an email and it displays the received email notification on my cell phone, shouldn't I display the notification on my PC as well?

If some notifications don't show on your PC try this :

  1. Open the Zorin Connect app on your phone
  2. Click the menu icon in the top right (when you are on your PC in the app)
  3. External modules settings (or something like that, my app is in french)
  4. Search for Notifications synchronisation, then click on it (or something like that)
  5. Verify if Gmail is enabled in the list.

If Gmail is enabled but you still don't receive the notifications, i have no idea what is the problem.

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Thank you for the answer.

Yes, gmail is already selected. In fact, everything is selected.

In that case, i don't know what the problem could be.

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I tried clearing the cache, and also uninstalling and installing the app again on the phone and it still doesn't show the notifications.

I ended up installing Bubblemail along with the gnome extension and it's working perfectly.

But it's a shame because I wanted to reduce the dependencies of having too many things installed.

I tested with Gnome Connect (GSconnect) and the corresponding mobile application (KDE Connect) and everything is working now.

I believe that the Zorin Connect mobile app is not updated with the same version of KDE Connect.