Zorin Connect app out from Play Store?

i did search for the ZC app everywhere, because i had to reinstall it, but isnt on the google play

I don’t use this app. But isn’t it based on KDE Connect? Maybe you need the KDE Connect app on the phone? (See link below.) Zorin didn’t make the app. It’s a KDE application renamed by Zorin.

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Zorin had forked the application so they could match the brand and match the version between the desktop and the phone more closely.

Either way, it seems Zorin Connect isn't available on Google Play anymore. You can still get it from F-Droid: Zorin Connect | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Google Play can be finicky.
I would not make any assumptions since this is likely a temporary thing.

I judt opened my App Store on my Fairphone and it merges F-Droid which I have separately on my un-Googled phone running Android. From recall it is not just based on KDE Connect but also GSConnect. Nothing showing from the Play Store.

UPSATE: Just booted my old phone and Zorin Connect not present on Play Store, only KDE Connect.

It may be temporary, but for now I wasn't able to find it across multiple regions (using VPNs and Tor for testing) across the globe.

Unless it pops up again soon, it seems to be unavailable worldwide.

Yes, I cannot see it listed anywhere.

Zorin Connect is a main draw for Zorin OS as a feature. To this end, I have escalated this concern to the ZorinGroup.


Yes, currently this is a temporary issue with the Google Play store. The ZorinGroup has confirmed that F-Droid is a safe and viable source for downloading the Zorin Connect application until things are sorted out with Google Play.

You mean that I don't see it on Play Store for another problem and not because it became unsupported for my Android 4.4.4 :unamused::phone::laughing:?

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Yes, it is due to Google Play fault, not your Flip phone. :wink:

We have all witnessed or experienced how Large Media get a bit overzealous or blind about handling difficult tasks.
It's a long list of sites that govern or manage based on preset rules that will result in a take-down on anything that they think might have maybe possibly could have infringed on the outer edges of a rule somewhere, then drag their feet about correcting the issue, all the while blaming the other party.

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I have KDE Connect on my android phone and it is connected to zorin connect on my pc.

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