Zorin connect issue. Connected but not seeing msgs

Zorin connect is connected, but no contacts nor messages are showing in the app. I receive messages immediately, but they only show up as a notification and not in the actual app.
No contacts or anything is in the app. How can I fix this?
Also, I have my VPN on my phone, and my laptop turned off.

I suppose both the devices need to be on the same network, Using VPN changes the internet protocol and the devices do not sync.

I do get the messages through though but nothing shows in the app.

To connect use the same wifi on both the devices, without any proxies. If any other issue arrises you can attach a screenshot of the error here :wink:


Have you checked off the permissions in the Zorin-Connect app?

Do you have firewall (UFW) enabled on your computer and if so, have you allowed the ports for Zorin-Connect?

sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/udp && sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/tcp

If there is a corruption in the extension, you could also try reinstalling it:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-zorin-connec

Launch and test...

Hmm I just got skipping adding existing rule multiple times.

This implies that the rules are already added in UFW.

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