Zorin Connect - Latest Update Security Issue


Please advice on the below shown concern while updating to v1.22.3 (latest)

First of all, where did you get it from?

Secondly, what AV program are you using (if any)?

Poped-up while updating the app on Google Play

Not AV, that's the default security on MIUI rom

I have another phone having zConnect v1.19.1 running on the same rom version MIUI 13.0.9 with no issues.

I would immediately question the validity of an antivirus program that had such poor grammar and syntax.

You may be familiar with websites that people have used that gave a pop up claiming that their computer was infected which provides a link. The link then tries to scam the person.

That popup does not look legitimate, to me. It relies on fear to motivate the reader. A button that says "delete viruses?"

Zorin OS would never funnel a virus down the pipe. Aside from ZorinGroups own vetting and scanning, once ZorinGroup submits a package, it is further vetted, tested and scanned while in Lintian in Launchpad. And by Debian.


Similar things happen in Windows. I wanted to install an Italian Braille Translation Program when I was working and Windows 10 said it was unsafe - rubbish! This would be because as Bourne posted an interesting video elsewhere, if an application does not get M$ Store approval it is unsafe! I installed it anyway and it ran brilliantly, Biblos 5 (Braille Translation Software - Index Braille)

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This comment is faulty, you point to a hardly similar experience which seems to make a conclusion that the software actually does not contain a virus/vulnerability.

I would expect the Zorin team (@Aravisian) to provide an explanation for this "false positive" if that is your point of view, I come here after a similar but much nicer message from Huawei (unlike whatever OS/launcher is in the screenshot above). The message is from Google scan, so there is a reputable baseline.

Btw, I will be taking this seriously in my circles nonetheless, in 2023 this is no joke.

I suspect it thought it was a virus because of it seeking access to a host of phone resources:

I use /e/ OS, Google free. I use LibreAV and it reports Zorin Connect as safe - it advises uninstalling due to what it is asking access to. As for Google base line being good, don't make me laugh when they claim their mail client is more secure than Proton Mail! LOL!


Is this running in an Emulator like SDK?
Hence the buttons on the bottom of the screenshot?

It is important to remember that one cannot support a negative statement.
I can show evidence that something exists - but it is far more difficult to show that something doesn't exist. The onus, therefor, is on the claimant to show that something does exist.
I think @swarfendor437 nailed down the why it would be considered a potential: It is accessing another device. Which is a very reasonable conclusion.

I am not the Zorin Team, nor am I an associate of, employed by or a member of the ZorinGroup.
I fully stand by what I said:

It is the familiar thing called a "scam." Be wary of them.


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