Zorin connect not pairing/not connecting nor showing the phone. How to connect my device with with zorin connect?

I'm a beginner in Linux. Zorin os is the first linux distro I'm using.

Problem:- At first zorin connect was working fine. Then after sometime of using I've shut down my computer. After Sometime I again logged in. Since then zorin connect ain't connecting with my device. I thought to unpair them then pairing them again. But after unpairing them my pc ain't showing my device nor my phone showing it.
I've read all topics about zorin connect related issues and tried all the methods too. but nothing seems to work. I tried connecting via IP but that didn't work as well.

Please help me to know how to solve the issue.

Have you got the Firewall running? If not enable it now (GUFW - Gnome Uncomplicated FireWall).

Click on the + sign at the bottom of the shown window to add rule.

Then it should show a different window, opened at the 'preconfigured' tab.

Scroll down until you get to Zorin Connect from the drop-down menu. This allows communication from your smartphone to the computer.

[I am using MX-Linux KDE which is why I am using KDE Connect]


Hello sir. Thanks for your response. I tried your solution but that didn't solved the problem. I've tried with other devices too. Those doesn't show either.
Is there any others ways to fix it?

Can you please open a terminal window (search for "terminal" in the applications menu) and run the following command?

grep connect /var/log/syslog
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Well, that's a classic. Sometimes things just work out on their own... not really, but it's nice to think they do :smiley:
Now zorin connect working properly :heart:
[Let's hope it's permanently solved so I don't have to face that problem again]
If I had to guess I would say maybe there was something else going on in the network that was blocking those ports somehow or a problem with the phone itself.
Thank you all for your response :heart:

Hey thanks for the explanation. I had same issue and this solved it.

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Glad to be of help friend. On a side note, I was on my kde neonuser OS last night, listening to music via Rhythmbox. It suddenly stopped when my phone rang ... my youngest telling me that dinner was on the table! KDE Connect and Zorin connect rock!

Ask for room service next time. (then duck).


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