Zorin Connect on iOS

Hey Guys! Is anyone else trying the beta for KDE Connect on iOS? I am trying to connect Zorin Connect and my phone is not discoverable. Is Zorin Connect not compatible with KDE Connect? I thought that's what it was based on.

Zorin-connect is for gnome and is based on Gconnect which is a gnome-extension.
Gconnect is based on kde-connect, for KDE.

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So the KDE app is the one for the phone right?

Zorin-Connect will connect to the Android Zorin-Connect application only.

KDE-connect will connect to the Android KDE-connect app, only, as well.
While GSConnect (Sorry, correction to above, GSConnect, not GConnect... I Typo) is the base for Zorin-Connect, there are some differences, still, between KDE Connect and Zorin Connect.

I also use Zorin connect and have tried kde connect. But when connect them (my phone with PC) I have to temporally disable my firewall.

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I’ll try that!

That worked! Zorin connect on iPhone :joy:

I stand Corrected.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Great, nice that worked out.

I believe that you are overqualified to think of these simple suggestions.

Fixed your post for you.
I have both Zorin-connect and kde-connect since I run XFCE on Zorin Core... I had tried every which way and finally looked at the source code.
I definitely believed that Zorin-Connect would not talk to KDE-Connect.

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Hahaha, yeah but that won't work. We all know you by now.

Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee --- BEE KNEES.

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I mean I used Zorin connect on the laptop and KDE connect beta app for iPhone iSO and they connected. I was able to send files from my phone to the laptop and the track pad figure and even the find my phone.

What region? I could not find Zorin Connect on the Apple App Store.

I could be wrong, but I thought Zorin-Connect app is Android only.


I’m in the US, but you search for TestFlight app which is an app for dev testing and download that then if you go to the YouTube video, he has the link for the beta in the video description which would send you to opt-in for the beta test and TestFlight would download the app to your phone. Remember to turn off your firewall on you computer to connect your phone.


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