Zorin Connect: Smartphone as remote keyboard

Cheers Community and Zorin Team,

a friend told me about Zorin, and it immediately became my new OS.
On an HP Spectre x360 Convertible things run smoothly, even gadgets like 2-level keyboard backlight.
Now I discovered Zorin Remote - and my thought is: would it be possible to make the smartphone a remote keyboard ?
I mainly use Laptops with remote keyboard for ergonomic reasons. Bigger screen distance, upright seating possible in longer term (when on NB keyboard I always hinch over ..).

Is it even possible to file requests to developers ?


Not sure how this relates to Zorin Connect...
In the Zorin Connect app on your phone, go to Remote Input, then tap the Keyboard Icon on the upper right and your phone will act as a keyboard on your computer.

Can confirm you can also do this with KDE Connect but you have to go into Keyboard settings and choose KDE connect over Android Keyboard. You are also warned that if you have a screen lock you need to unlock before you can do this. Just tried it with TextMaker 2021 - works great. You are also warned that it could access all your data and passwords!

I actually only have KDE Connect... and that is how I tested it. So my above post was (LOL kill me) pure Assumption that it is the same on Zorin Connect... :neutral_face:

Didn't find it top right - it was in additional settings on phone - and now I can't remember (or find it even! - beginning to sound like Mr Jinx the cat, even!)

I put a white rectangle around it for visibility:

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Swipe typing doesn't work tho.

What is swipe typing?

You connect the letters with your finger. Well, I use my thumb.

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