Zorin Connect's multimedia control issue

Hello everyone,

I have managed to connect my Android to Zorin, but it seems that the app's "Multimedia control" does not work when I am watching something in my notebook (Zorin).

Any clues about how to solve this?


In the App on your phone, click the Three Dots menu icon on the upper Right side and then select Plugin Settings.
Ensure that Media Player control is switched on.
While in there, you should check the other settings and ensure they are on, as well.

Hi there @Aravisian,

Thanks for the quick reply. The plugin was already switched on by that day, but I went deep in my Android app's settings and gave most of the permissions available there.

Not sure if it was what made possible that the multimedia control is working on Firefox now, but it is still not working on Zorin's default video player.

Any idea of how to make it works on the system's video player software?


I believe Zorin OS Core uses Totem (Gnome Video Player)... Let me install Totem and try controlling it via the app and see if I can find out. It may take a bit of time...

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