Zorin Core 16.2 fails loading NVIDIA drivers for NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140

Hi there,

I'm trying Zorin Core 16.2 64-bit on a Dell Latitude D830.
A laptop from Windows XP time, however with professional graphics and DDR2.

  • The graphic card is an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140.
  • The processor is an Intel Celeron Duo (=dual core), type x86_64 @ 800 MHz (frequency 20% below the 1 GHz officially required).
  • The laptop runs with 2GB RAM.

At start, I selected the 3rd option "Try or Install Zorin OS (modern NVIDIA drivers)".

Zorin loads up to the installation screen with the mountainous landscape in the background.

Then, when selecting an option to either Try or Install Zorin, the following error message shows:

Error loading NVIDIA drivers
.deb: OK4.deb OK4.debb

Is a patch possible?
Should I try instead either the default "Try or Install Zorin OS" instead, or the "Try or Install Zorin OS (safe graphics)?
Does one of these options come with older NVIDIA drivers?


You can try safe graphics and see if that gets you anywhere.
The trouble is that Nvidia determines what they will continue to support.
For your processor and RAM, have you yet tested Antix Linux? It is a featherweight distro that may perform a bit faster.

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