Zorin Core 16 Installation Update & support

Hola buenas noches, queria saber hasta cuando la version 16 de Zorin OS tendra soporte y si puedo tener el sistema y se actualiza automaticamente a la version 16.2 muchas gracias.

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Hello good evening, I wanted to know until when version 16 of Zorin OS will have support and if I can have the system and automatically updates to version 16.2 thank you very much.

Zorin OS 16,
will be supported with software updates and security patches until April 2025.

Please also check here

This may also be of interest.

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Hello Ocka thanks for repling, i saw that page of the version 17 and y question is the following, if I don't want to pay for Zorin 16 pro then I won't be able to upgrade to 16.2 and 17 having only the Core 16 version? I saw that the page said "We will continue to support Zorin OS 16 with software updates until at least April 2025, and you will be able to download and use Zorin OS 16 Pro for life." then he gave me to understand that to continue having support it is necessary to buy the pro version

No need to buy Zorin OS.
If you have install Zorin OS recently or have been keeping your pc updated, Then you will be running Zorin OS 16.2...
Just like Old Windows XP, you can still use it , but it's security/compatibility, are no longer updated.
This is this same for Zorin OS.

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Ok, i'd downloaded the version Core 16 free, them i will the next version right?

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Yes, you will need to download Zorin 17 when available,
After Zorin 17, we hope to have auto update, This is still in development.

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Thanks, i will wait for the software update app of my current version get the new update of Zorin 17 to install

Sorry if this has already been asked, but if I purchase pro is it right you the get gnome and lite editions and can you use both on seperate pc's.

Yes, Zorin Pro comes with both Core & Lite Editions
Yes you can install them on different computers.

Just to clarify, Ocka is saying Zorin Pro comes with both Gnome and XFCE editions of Pro.
Not to be confused with Core and Lite, which are the free Gnome and Lite editions of ZorinOS.

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Thanks Ocka will wait for Zorin 17 and purchase.
It's fairly obvious to me now that Zorin will be my os of choice and will use the lite addition on the wife's little mini pc.

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