Zorin Core 17.1 - Zorin menu icons size


Is it possible to make the Zorin menu icons size bigger or smaller ?

I saw the size could change by using a different icon theme, but I want to grow the menu icons of my prefer icon theme.


I think the simplest method is to use scaling. Most menu editors just allow you to change icons not their size. The other element is that if using scaling you should ensure that certain icons in a theme are scalable.

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Yes, there are a couple of Options. Like @swarfendor437 wrote you can use a higher Scale-Factor (You can find this Setting in the Gnome Display Settings).

On the Desktop You can adjust the Size in Zorin Appearance.

And you can change the Size of Icons for the Taskbar in the Taskbar Settings.

Thanks a lot, I'll try this solutions.

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