Zorin Core on Hyper V window too small

I just successfully have Zorin Core 64 installed under W10 Hyper V. Everything looks ok except for the huge black border on the Zorin desktop view. I don't THINK I have sound either but haven't tested for sound. Just mentioning it.

Any help is immensely appreciated in advance.

Is Hyper V a virtualization?

I was under the impression, and i could be wrong, that hyper v was hardware acceleration for virtual machines. It's not something you can install to, it is hardware acceleration for any virtual machine software you install (android studio uses this for android virtual device [AVD]). You had to have installed a vm in order to install zorin into, and run while in windows.

If we know what vm you used we may be able to assist. Also, what specifications did you setup the vm with (RAM size, hard drive size, multiple or single partition).

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I am sure you know more than I do. Thank you for the reply. Here is what I did:

  1. Activated Hyper V on W10 Pro machine.
  2. Noticed a default to install 3 versions of Ubuntu (Quick Create ... see screen shot)

  1. I ignored that and selected Local Installation Source and found the downloaded Zorin Core iso file.

  1. Configured that VM for 3072 MB mem. Host machine has 8192 MB

  2. Configured Firmware to shiff64.efi (file). I thought maybe it should be Hard Drive New VM (1) but went with default file instead.

Seems to work 'ok' except Zorin window is too small and no sound.

Did a little more research to find that those Ubuntu machines are customized somehow to run within Hyper V .... while Zorin probably isn't. But I don't know about all that.

Memory is the only settings I made to the Zorin VM. Thanks again. Not getting email notifications of replies. Sorry for the late reply.

Anyone know how to overcome these problems?

I conclude Zorin will not run under Hyper V. Will try it with Virtualbox. Closing this thread.