Zorin corrupting copied files

I've been using Zorin for 3 yrs, it's the 1st time I've had a serious issue.

When I copy files to my external storage, random files (mostly larger video files over 1 gb) are being corrupted. I can neither open them nor delete them.

At first I thought it was my storage drive, so I just bought a new one - same thing happens - random file corruption. This is a serious issue as 90% of what I copy to my external storage is for work.

This started about 3 wks ago. Any ideas what this could be?

Is it SSD or HDD? My first thought would be that the drive is going bad.

You mean my laptop drive might be the culprit? It's an SSD - but it's only 2.5 yrs old and pretty heavy duty.

I have a duel boot and am not having that issue on Windows. Only when I copy from within Zorin.

Any other guesses?

Perhaps bad sectors. It's a good idea to run it for check once in awhile.
There's an article about it and how to fix it:

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Hmm, I think you're onto something bc I had to use Gparted to allocate more space to windows a few weeks back and had to fix bad sectors for windows before gparted would let me.

You're my hero today, Storm. :metal: :pray:

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Did You controled how Your external Drive is formatted?

On the 1st one, yes. I formatted it myself. This new one I did not. But since it is happening on 2 different drives, and only on linux, I don't believe the issue is with the drives.

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I have a question, if that's ok. I'm not familiar with running disk check in linux. I'm not able to do any of the checks the article you linked outlines bc the disk (my hard drive) is mounted (that's what terminal is complaining about). This tutorial doesn't cover this problem and none of the other articles/forums explain how to do this.

When I run Disks and select my Zorin partition "SMART Data & Self-Tests" is greyed out.

Help please? How the heck do I check my disk?

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It's because you can't run the check while you use it meanwhile. Start a live CD/USB and run the test from there.

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Excellent. Will do. Thank you!!

What file formatting are you using on the storage drive?

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