Zorin Dark Mode and KDE Apps without inverting colours probably

Hi guys;

Sorry for the many questions but im looking for a solution to keep using KDE Apps like Okular (from flatpak) especially under Zorin 17 with changing light to dark mode. In Zorin 16 i had no problems with it, but nowadays it becomes a problem. So i look for a solution to managing the color layout/theme and dont let them interfere each other making it chaotic. See Screenshot below and the themes doesnt work in light mode theres no problem. I use default Zorin 17 so with Wayland btw.

Are you already using qt5ct?

No - at least i didn't make it myself - so if it's not shipped with than no. I'll give it a shot tomorrow and if it worked, mark this as solution or otherwise reply. Thanks for the help!

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@Aravisian i followed your guide and installed both packages but i don't have any of the shell-scripts on my comptuer that i should edit. :frowning:

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For evryone with a similiar problem (KDE Apps with missing dark mode and wrong inverting - readability issues) here are some possible solutions:

  1. Stick with outdated apt version (v21.12)
  • no real dark mode/nightmode but at least it's useable
  1. Use Okular from Ubuntu 23.04 with version 22.12 (from launchpad.net)
  • you have to download the .deb yourself together with the dependencies (~10 files)
  • still no real dark mode but newer features
  1. Tipp: KDE shift their apps to nightmode in a experimental state, that you can install as flatpak (still you have to add them from URL) see here (last topic)
  • right now unstable and not all (Okular missing)
  • can't say if dark mode inverting in Zorin will work but i expect more than from the normal flatpak version (which is bad in dark mode)
  1. Use the newest version from flatpak but only in light mode (avoid the problem) :wink: