Zorin Dash Prevents Top/Taskbar in Dash-Possible Layout

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I've noticed that if I want to use the Zorin Dash extension in any of the layouts, I cannot have a functional taskbar. The most it can be used for is viewing little widget-style applets/indicators and a few others like the application menu and zorin menu. I can't even right click on the panel which is displayed ONLY on the primary display - at all times - unless right-clicking on one of my applet/indicators.

The option to have the Taskbar display on all monitors indeed does not allow us to do that.

That said, I wanted to know how I can have this "top" bar of mine (fully customized as it is) display on both monitors (or more). Moreover, I want to not always have it displayed on the top. The MultiMonitors extension does not have much in the way of configuration options and although it placed a "top" bar on the other screen; it was locked to the top...

Would prefer to avoid installing Dash to Panel (if it's a fix) or MultiMonitors. Dash to Panel essentially has the same options and does the same thing that the Zorin Dash and Zorin Taskbar extensions have.

Why is it seeming like a working, interactive taskbar is exclusive to non-Dash layouts? I realize they provide much the same use, but... not really.. no.

P.S. I've searched dConf editor, Gnome-Tweaks, Extensions and Google to no avail. Maybe I'm missing something?

Gnome disables all of that by default. Desktop Icons, multiple panels, etc. goes against what Gnome believes is the future, and therefor their "mission statement."
To this end, Independent developers create Gnome Shell Extensions which add these features back in - that Gnome removed.

Zorin OS uses a large variety of Gnome Shell Extensions to create the functional and well-rounded Desktop Environment that it boasts today.

It is true that Gnome does not support these extensions and has even gone so far as its devs to express a desire to prevent Extensions from being used on Gnome at all.
This is interesting because in the past, when Gnome Devs express such ideas, they usually come to pass.

I cannot easily offer you a solution on this issue since the layouts and multiple extensions can conflict with each other resulting in these types of problems.
Without rounding up all the indie extension developers and combining them all into one team that can coordinate with each other - our only option is to pick and choose what to prioritize on our desktop.

I started out switching to Linux on Zorin Core - Gnome Desktop.
Almost by accident, I tried out Zorin OS Lite a year later and suddenly... everything changed. I found the control over my computer I had been looking for but not finding on Core.
I found that I could - easily and without conflict, Create any panel I wanted and place it wherever I wanted without the system balking.
I found I could adjust Settings from within Settings without looking up obscure Gnome Gsettings values.

You might just try a different Desktop Environment like XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate or Plasma and see if that helps you to finally feel in control again, too.


And to those members that see me on here often enough to note a trend in current posts about Gnome again and are wondering if I have discovered something new about Gnome... Yes. Yes, I Have. And I am in a mood...

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I suggest Cinnamon .... it is easy to learn ..... if I did anyone can ..... it is plenty powerful and can be customized in a great many ways ..... there are some folks on here mostly Aravisian and Storm .... and maybe others I'm not aware of .... that have made Themes and icon sets and these offer a huge variety of ways to customize your desktop .... if these are not to your liking you can always got to the Pling website to find hundreds of other items for many other DE ....

I have also tried Xfce and KDE and have Xfce loaded as an alternative DE but so far after a year Cinnamon does it for me .....

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Thank you. You've answered the questions and I appreciate the time you took to provide your answer. I do hope that Gnome doesn't go through with disabling extension use. Interesting that there would be so many developer-based roadblocks to hurdle for an OS/platform which revolves around the idea of free and open source. I guess their definition of free doesn't include the freedom to do what you want - just the $$?

Anyway. Thanks again.

P.S. Speaking of extensions and/or scripts - can you point me in the direction of something I can use to add an option to my right-click menu for an online Google search? Would prefer to avoid a Gnome shell search function, I see those on the store. I wouldn't want all those potential results popping up in my shell searches and causing distraction.

That said, I'm using Nautilus again instead of Nemo now that I've got the hang of all this and was pleasantly surprised to see that Nautilus also supported them. I've searched and I am incredibly surprised that there isn't one out there which is easily referenced/accessible.

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