Zorin dash

Hello Everyone,
I've been thinking of using a dock. Looked at Cairo after Aravi mentioned it. And while looking at Gnome Tweaks, I saw Zorin Dash
and it mentions it's a dock. Was wondering if anyone has used it to
set up a simple, non fancy dock? I want something simple like Plank.
And if I could use something that's already installed in my system without adding software, even better. Just haven't gotten it to work, so I'm assuming operator error...lol

I'm using Zorin Dash. If you're using Pro version of Zorin, you can just switch layout to get to Zorin Dash.


Thanks Storm, I must of been thinking of something else in my illogical logic
when I saw it. I don't understand all the term-ology yet. (Yes, I made this word up..lol). Always stuff to learn..

Oh, btw, came across your youtube page the other day. Watched a few vids.

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You could install plank if that’s what you want.

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Yes, that's what I installed. Works well, Happy with it. Instructions are: