Zorin does not work past lock screen

I just installed Zorin OS Lite on an old HP Pavilion 15-aw007ax laptop, and whenever I put in my password to the lock screen, it starts to load the desktop environment, but before loading the entire taskbar the entire screen becomes covered in artefacts, before going black and becoming dysfunctional. Here is an image of this.

The only thing that I've found that may be causing it is that when laptop has finished loading the bios it says that "amdgpu STONEY not supported in kfd" and "amdgpu TOPAZ not supported in kfd", but I have no idea what any of this means.

AMD A9 9410 CPU
Integrated Graphics (Discrete GPU was disabled out of the box by manufacturer for whatever reason)
8GB Ram)

Thanks to anyone who may know how to solve this!

What graphics are you using?
Definitely looks like a graphics issue. AMD from the post content.

The GPU which I'm pretty sure it's running on is a Radeon R5 iGPU (clocks in at 800Mhz and has 3CUs).
The dedicated GPU which I'm sure is OEM disabled is a Radeon R7 M440.

AMD drivers are included in the Linux Kernel.
Here is a quick guide on accessing the Recovery Menu:

From the recovery menu, arrow key down to enable networking and ensure that networking is enabled.
Then back up to the menu and arrow key down to Root - Drop to Prompt
Bap the enter key.

uname -r

to check which kernel you are using.

If less than 5.15.0-88,

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Then test booting normally.

I tried rolling back to an earlier version of the linux kernel and it seemed to solve my issue

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