Zorin dont recognize combination 3.5mm jack // old Macbook // dual boot

i just installed zorin os on my old macbook pro early 2015 13'. I love it! But when i want to call a friend on discord, discord or linux dont recognize my audio/mic input from my macbook. When i run MacOs everything works fine.
Does any one know how to fix this, i dont want to buy an extra usb mic.


Nykz :slight_smile:

i need to know how zorin/linux recognize the combination 3.5mm jack for audio and microphone. I can use it for audio right now but not for the mic which is built in my headset (EarPods with 3.5mm).

I don't think it is possible:

Ubuntu Macbook Pro Audio | Audio-Digital.net - 2nd item. This is a Mac issue as remember, Apple only want you to use their OS!


As far as I know @swarfendor437 is correct, the hardware support is very limited, however check out this project, hope it helps, it worked for the 2012 (i think) macbook pro my old job provided,


@seanhinkley @swarfendor437 Thank you for your help! (:

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Im trying out the " UGREEN External USB Sound Card TRRS Audio Adapter Cable with 3.5 mm Jack Socket Stereo Sound Card White" from amazon. If it works i will post a little review, so if someone had the same question as me, they will have a solution.
If it dosnt work i will delete this comment :smiley:

Sound is perfect but no Audio input.... sad ):
So i think i will dual boot so that can i have calls on MacOs and work on Zorin xD

Might be worth checking dedicated Penguin hardware here:



thanks, but sadly dosnt change anything on my macbook after installing it.

One of the reasons I don't like apple, like the product designs lol, If they weren't so controlling and willing to block and wall off users I'd probably be a mac user too.


So true. I dont want to buy a new pc because my old one is still good enough for my CS-course and zorin gave my old lady a huge boost :smiley:
But i wonder why it dosnt work with the external USB Sound Card from UGREEN.

i tried the external USB Sound Card on MaxOs and it works perfectly fine. Than i restart the macbook boot Zorin Os and it donst work.
I can see the "input" cause while iam talking it shows me something on the output (look at picture).
This confuses me, because the bar at input isnt moving at all. There have to be a solution.

Ok i got it working with the external USB Soundcard like the one from UGREEN. Quality is okay. But now i can use my old headset! :smiley:
More than good enough for me.


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